Top 10 stainless steel manufacturers in India



The stainless steel industry is more significant than you might guess. Globally, it has reached 205 billion USD. And current growth of 5.3% per year is reliable. By 2030, forecasters expect it to see a 300 billion USD graph. (Fortune Business Insights) Many manufacturers are making up their shares in the industry. Sometimes, it is super challenging to get the right company. Do you know why? Everyone looks for cost-effective companies, which causes problems in landing the right stainless steel company. If you are searching for the top 10 stainless steel manufacturers in India, you are at the right guide. We will analyze the best 10 manufacturers with their key benefits. 

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Top 10 Picks of Stainless Steel Companies In India


We have gone through the Indian market and evaluated the giants who are offering the best prices with premium quality stainless steel. 


Take a look! 



FoundedLocationEmployeesMain Products
Tata Steel1907Bombay House 24 Homi Modi St, Fort, Maharashtra, 400001, India75263Hot rolled, Cold rolled, Coated coil, Tubes, Rebar, Wire rods
JSW Steel2005Bandra Kurla Complex Near Mmrda Grounds Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra13128Hot rolled, Cold rolled, Colour coated products, Galvanised, Galvalume, Avante steel doors
Jindal Steel and Power1982Jindal Centre 12 Bhikaiji Cama Pl, New Delhi, Punjab, 110 006, India21000Angles and Channels, Plates, Coils, Wire Rods, Parallel Flange Beams and Columns, 
Steel Authority of India1973Ispat Bhawan Lodi Rd, New Delhi, NCT, 110003, India61275Carbon steel, EQ grade, Spring Steel, Free cutting Steel, Ball Bearing Steel, Cold-heading steel, Low-alloy steel, Forging quality steel, MIG,
Godawari Power and Ispat1999490 & 1 Urla Industrial Area Urla, Urla, Chhattisgarh, 492003, India347Sponge iron, billets, Ferro alloys, captive power, steel wires, Oxygen gas, fly ash brick, iron ore pellets
Electrosteel limited2006G.k. Tower 19 Camac Elgin St, Shakespeare Sarani, West Bengal, 7000171769TMT Bars. Billets. Wire Rods. Plain Steel Bars. DI Pipes. Pig Iron. TMT Bars.
Essar Steel 199827th km Surat Hazira Rd, Surat, Gujarat, 395003, India5741hot rolled/cold rolled, coated coils and sheets, heavy plates
Rashtriya Ispat Nigam  1982Administrative Building Visakhapatnam Steel Plant, Visakhapatnam, Arun11000Wire rods, TMT Re-bars, rounds, squares, flats, angles
Viraj Group199211-A Nathalal Colony Kaypeehouse Stadium Road Ahmedabad Ahmedabad Gj 000000 In740Stainless Steel Wires, Fasteners, Bright Bars, Profiles
Shah Alloys19905/1, Shreeji House, Behind M.J Library, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – 380 006, Gujarat, INDIA339Aço carbono

Armour steel, 316 Stainless Steel, Hot Rolled coils, Hot-rolled sheets


  1. Tata Steel

Tata Steel Top 10 stainless steel manufacturers in India

It is the second-largest stainless steel pipe supplier India. TATA is not just a steel company but also has many other businesses in India. It has a capacity of 34 million tonnes of crudes. 


Tata Steel has expanded its operations around the world. 


Here are some benefits of the TATA steel. 


  • Large manufacturing setup. The production setup is quite large. That means you can go for massive steel orders and get products faster. 
  • Best quality. Stainless Steel sheet quality is exceptional. All of their products have the best quality. You’ll turn your business into profits. 


  2. JSW Steel

JSW Steel Top 10 stainless steel manufacturers in India

Have you heard of JSW Steel? In the Indian market, it is the sixth-largest manufacturing plant holding company. Regarding research and development, it has been on the front foot. 


JSW Steel has become an international company with its primary operations in Mumbai, India. 


Various reasons to choose this company are: 


  • Variety of steel products. JSW Steel offers a wide range of steel products. That broadens your views about the steel industry. 
  • Competitive rates. Rates are affordable and a good one for your business. That means you can make profits and run your business better. 


  3. Jindal Steel And Power

Jindal Steel and Power

Working for decades, Jindal Steel and Power has ultimately dominated the industry with its creative stainless steel products. On a global scale, it has invested more than 12 billion USD and extended its applications to power and other fields. 


Jindal Steel and Power has the following pros. 


  • Quality Production. Their massive production setup has dominated the Indian steel market. It focuses on quality. 
  • Premium Customer service. Customer service will not leave you alone once you become their customer. They respond faster and get you timely solutions. 


  4. Steel Authority Of India

Steel Authority of India

The previous three companies were privately owned. However, the Steel Authority of India is a government company with a hand in the steel industry. With the 20th largest steel production globally, it has achieved milestones in the Indian market. 


It has a 16 million metric tonne annual output. By 2025, it is expected to reach 50 million metric tonnes. 


Take a look at the key pros of the Steel Authority of India


  • Large production capacity. It has a production capacity of 21 million metric tonnes. It can accommodate more oversized orders easily. 
  • Reasonable rates. The prices are affordable, saving you bucks on your deals. The bulk orders can further give you some discounts. 


  5. Godawari Power and Ispat

Hira Group of Industries has introduced a steel company named Godawari Power and Ispat. It is a famous mild steel wire manufacturer with shares in the National Stock Exchange and Mumbai Stock Exchange. 

It has the following benefits for stainless steel pipe lovers. 


  • Diversity of products. They have almost all types of stainless products. Stop wasting time when this supplier is available. 
  • Reliable shipping. Their shipping methods are quite reliable, ensuring the safe delivery of your steel products. 

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  6. ElectroSteel Limited

Electrosteel limited Top 10 stainless steel manufacturers in India

Do you want ductile iron pipes? One of the biggest ductile iron manufacturers is Electrosteel Limited. It was the first company to develop a ductile iron plant in 1994 and is still growing its business over 3 decades. 


The top benefits are: 


  • Qualidade. Never doubt its quality. It has become a global leader because of its quality manufacturing systems. 
  • Complete shipping facilities. Dissolve all your shipping concerns with this Indian Steel supplier. It ships products to your doorstep. 


  7. Essar Steel India

Essar Steel 

Essar group of companies is also named as the Essar Steel India. It is one of the biggest carbon steel producers in the world. 


It creates over 300 grades of steel, engaging more applications for consumers. The top benefits are: 


  • Zero Waste Corporation. Based on the eco-friendly production and reduced water usage, it is potentially beneficial for the environment. So, it is reliable if you love sustainable steel products. 
  • Quality Steel. Steel quality is standardized because it follows International steel production standards. 


  8. Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. (RINL)

Rashtriya Ispat Nigam

It is also a property of the Indian Government.  Rashtriya Ispat Nigam Ltd. (RINL) is not only famous in India but also globally for its production capacity of 7.3 million tonnes. The government is thinking of investing 7.5 billion USD more to increase capacity to 20 million tonnes


Here are the top benefits of this company. 


  • High production capacity. Its production capacity is relatively high, accepting bulk orders. You can get short lead times, too. 
  • Reliable Company. Since it is a government organization, you can enjoy a trusted environment. Their support is quite impressive, so you can rely on them. 


  9. Viraj Group

Viraj Group

Are you looking for one of the most famous stainless steel manufacturers in India? Turn heads to the Viraj group, which was founded in 1992 and exports its steel products globally. 


It exports 90% of its steel inventory. Here are the key benefits. 


  • Variety of Steel products. Viraj groups have various types and applications of steel. So, you get it all and expand your inventory selection for various steel applications. 
  • Complete Shipment Facility. It is one of the biggest steel exporters. You get stainless steel plate at your doorstep. 


  10. Shah Alloys


In the Indian Steel Market, don’t forget the name of Shah Alloys. Deploying the latest technology, it is leading the steel industry. It was founded in 1990 and has spent more than 3 decades. 


Shah alloys have a large selection of steel applications. Their research and development department is very active and develops new ideas. Therefore, they have unique and creative steel options. 


Take a look at the pros! 


  • Customer-focused quality. Shah Alloys tries its best to offer premium quality and service. Their customer focus gets you the best quality at affordable costs. 
  • Shipment to 50 countries. It ships products to 50 countries. You can order them and get products at your doorstep. 



India has emerged as a steel giant, but not all companies are a top choice. Narrow down your research to a single top and suitable company. That can lead to cost-effective deals. 


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