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HXSCO is a professional aluminum bar and rod manufacturer and supplier. We are committed to providing high-quality aluminum rod and bar products, including aluminum round rods and bars, square bars, rectangular bars, hex bars, flat bars, and welding rods. As a leading aluminum bar manufacturer in China, our company has advanced production equipment and a strict quality control system to ensure that the products meet the most stringent standards in the global market.

Our factory provides wholesale aluminum bar services to customers worldwide to meet all kinds of needs. HXSCO is an SGS-ISO 9001-certified aluminum bar and rod manufacturer. Whether it is standard or custom aluminum rods and bars, we can provide high-quality aluminum materials and first-class services. HXSCO aluminum rod manufacturer looks forward to cooperating with you.


Aluminum bar specification

Aluminium   Bar Shape   
Aluminium Alloy and Temper   
Dimensions and Tolerances   
Finitura superficiale   
Flat Bar   
Alloys: 2024, 6061, 6063, 6101, 6042,   6082, 7075; Temper: T6 (Solution Heat-Treated and Artificially Aged), T651   (Solution Heat-Treated, Stress-Relieved by Stretching and Artificially Aged)   
Thickness: 0.125” to 7”; Width: up to   16”; Standard Length: 12′   
Bright Finish
Mill Finish
Anodized Color Finish   
Hexagon Bar   
Alloys: 2011, 2024, 6061, 6262, 7075;   Temper: T3 (Solution Heat-Treated and Cold Worked), T351 (Solution   Heat-Treated and Stress-Relieved by Stretching)   
Across Flats: 0.375” to 3.5”; Standard   Length: 12′   
Round Bar   
Alloys: 2011, 2024, 6061, 6262, 6042,   6082, 7075; Temper: T4 (Solution Heat-Treated and Naturally Aged), T6   
Diameter: 0.1875″ to 20”; Standard   Length: 12′   
Square Bar   
Alloys: 2024, 6061, 6063, 6262, 6042,   6082, 7075; Temper: T5 (Cooled from an Elevated Temperature Shaping Process   and Artificially Aged), T6   
Side Length: 0.375” to 8”; Standard   Length: 12′   
Aluminum bar specification

Processing methods of Aluminum Rod

Extruded Aluminum Rods

Extruded aluminum rods are made through the extrusion manufacturing process. A cylindrical aluminum billet is pushed through a die, which produces a uniform cross-section with a consistent shape. The process suits various shapes, including round, square, hexagonal, and rectangular rods. These rods have the following characteristics: consistency, cost-effectiveness, and versatility. Extruded aluminum rods have found their place in building frames, mechanical components, and everyday products.

Cold-Drawn Aluminum Rods

In contrast, cold-drawn aluminum rods undergo a different manufacturing process. The aluminum is deformed without heating by stretching and extruding it, resulting in a smoother and more precise surface finish. The notable features of cold-drawn rods are surface finish, tolerance control, and strength. These rods are often used in industries where precision and aesthetics are critical, including architectural decoration, automotive parts, and high-performance machinery.

Alloy Specialty Aluminum Rods

Alloy Specialty Aluminum Rods are rods made from specific aluminum alloys to meet precise requirements, such as enhanced strength, corrosion resistance, and electrical conductivity. The main feature of alloy specialty rods is their customized properties. For example, the 6061 aluminum rod is known for its strength and weldability, while the 7075 aluminum rod excels in applications that require high strength and durability. Alloy-specific aluminum rods are essential in aerospace, automotive, marine, and electronics fields.


Types of aluminum bar – HXSCO aluminum bar factory

Type    of Aluminum Rod    
Dimension    Specifications    
Typical    Length Options    
Round Aluminum Rod   
Diameter: 1/4 inch, 6mm, etc.   
Standard lengths available, custom   lengths can be manufactured   
Square Aluminum Rod   
Dimensions: 1/2 inch x 1/2 inch,   12mm x 12mm, etc.   
Standard and custom lengths   available   
Hexagonal Aluminum Rod   
Width across flats: 3/8 inch,   10mm, etc.   
Standard and custom lengths   typical   
Rectangular Aluminum Rod   
Dimensions: 1 inch x 2 inches,   25mm x 50mm, etc.   
Custom lengths to meet specific   requirements   
Types of aluminum bar - HXSCO aluminum bar factory
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How Aluminum Bars Are Made

  • Preparazione delle materie prime

First, we select high-quality aluminum ingots or scrap and pre-treat them to remove impurities.

  • Melting

We then melt the clean aluminum in a furnace to form a liquid alloy. During this process, we can add other metals to obtain the desired alloy composition.

  • Casting

We pour the molten aluminum into molds designed for specific rods (round, square, hexagonal, rectangular), which are cooled and solidified into the desired shape.

  • Extrusion or rolling (optional)

For complex shapes such as hexagonal or rectangular bars, we can use extrusion or rolling to mold the material further. The billet (partially formed bar) is pushed or pulled through the die to obtain the final shape and size.

  • Taglio

We cut solidified aluminum rods into standard or custom lengths to meet specifications.

  • Post-treatment

Finally, we can apply surface treatments such as anodizing or painting to enhance corrosion resistance, aesthetics, or functionality. Quality control checks ensure that dimensions, composition, and mechanical properties meet industry standards or customer requirements.

How Aluminum Bars Are Made

What Is the Difference Between Aluminum Rod and Bar?

Shape and Dimensions

Aluminum Rod:

Typically refers to a cylindrical aluminum rod with a relatively small diameter, ranging from a few millimeters to a few centimeters.

Its shape is fixed as a cylinder with a uniform cross-section.

Aluminum Bar:

Encompasses aluminum bars with various cross-sectional shapes (round, square, rectangular, hexagonal, etc.).

Offers a wider range of dimensions, from smaller diameters or side lengths to larger sizes.

Can be customized to specific dimensions and shapes.


Aluminum Rod:

Due to its smaller size and higher precision, it’s often used in precision engineering, electronics, and as a raw material for further processing or components.

Aluminum welding rods are one of the more prominent categories of aluminum rods.

Aluminum Bar:

Because of its larger size and carrying capacity, it’s widely used in construction, machinery, and other industries as structural elements, supports, or raw materials for manufacturing.

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Difference Between Aluminum Rod and Bar
Aluminum Rod and Bar

Advantages of aluminum bar & rod

Advantages of Aluminum Bar

  • Lightweight and high strength: The aluminum bar is ideal for applications that require strength without excessive weight, such as construction and aerospace.
  • Resistenza alla corrosione: The aluminum bar is naturally corrosion-resistant and suitable for harsh environments.
  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity: Aluminum bar suits heat dissipation and electrical components.
  • Versatilità: With various shapes and sizes, it can adapt to many industries.
  • Easy processing: The aluminum bar is easy to process, form, and weld.

Advantages of Aluminum Rods

  • High Precision: Aluminum rods are usually produced with tight tolerances to suit precision applications.
  • Consistent Quality: Suitable for parts that require uniformity and dimensional accuracy.
  • Forza e durata: Aluminum rods can withstand pressure and maintain structural integrity.
  • Resistenza alla corrosione: Similar to bars, rods also have good corrosion resistance.
  • Customizable: Available in different diameters and lengths to meet specific requirements.

Uses for Aluminum Bar and rod

Structural Support

Aluminum Bar is strong yet lightweight, making it great for structures like bridges and buildings.

Electrical Components

Aluminum Bars and rods conduct electricity well, so they’re used in wiring and other electrical parts.


Aluminum bars and rods help make cars, planes, and ships lighter and more fuel-efficient.


These materials can be easily shaped and cut to make all sorts of factory parts and products.

choose HXSCO as the manufacture and supplier for aluminum bar

choose HXSCO as the manufacture and supplier for aluminum bar

Choose HXSCO as your trusted aluminum bar manufacturer and supplier. We offer aluminum bars in various shapes, such as round, square, and flat, all crafted to the highest standards. Our expertise lies in standard and custom aluminum bars and rods, ensuring each product meets your specifications.

At HXSCO, we offer more than just supply—we provide a comprehensive aluminum bar solution. Whether you need expedited delivery or intricate custom fabrication, we’ve covered you.

Contact us now to explore how our aluminum bar services can enhance your projects. Let’s collaborate to bring your vision to life.


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