Acero inoxidable versus plata de ley: ¿cuál es la mejor opción?


Making up a jewelry piece? Not every time you’ll get the use of sterling silver. It is because of recent magics of stainless steel leading to better strength, lower costs, and excellent corrosion features. 


Even in the jewelry industry, stainless steel rings or bracelets are a common trend. Whatever material you produce with stainless steel will have a long-lasting touch. No more investments are needed. 


Want to know if stainless steel is really better or if you should consider sterling silver? In this guide, we will explore the charms of both materials. 

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What is stainless steel? 

What Is Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has been used for decades because of its endless features. Three main components of stainless steel are: 


  • Carbon
  • Iron
  • Cromo 


Apart from these metals, you might find nickel and titanium as well. It depends on the manufacturer. All these alloys give it antioxidant properties and keep the rust miles away. 


The durability of steel is relatively high. All these factors contribute to its use in various applications. 

Advantages of stainless steel

Advantages Of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel has various advantages popping out of its box. Check them out! 


  • Highly Durable

Don’t underestimate the power of stainless steel. It is famous for its high durability and better strength. Therefore, it makes it challenging to get deformed and work for extended periods in various applications. 


Plus, the corrosion and moisture resistance allows a better life on your end. 


  • Less maintenance required

Are you tired of maintenance? Forget all your hassles with the stainless steel, as it will require you to look at it after weeks or months. Moreover, you don’t have the feat of rusting. Therefore, less or no maintenance will keep you in your comfort zone and let it be your partner for extended durations. 


  • Various applications

Every single material in the home is made up of steel. It is the magic of steel and compatibility with various industries. Trunks to random boxes are made of stainless steel. 


The best part? 


Now, stainless steel is part of jewelry. You can reduce the overall expenses and get a long-term deal. 

  • Less cost

No need to invest a box full of money! Stainless steel is a cheaper metal compared to gold, silver, or platinum. It is possible due to the low costs of raw materials and easy manufacturing process. Plus, stainless steel saves you some bucks from the maintenance and durability. 


With steel, you are in profit. 


What is sterling silver? 

What Is Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is not a 100% pure silver metal. Instead, it comprises 92.5% silver metal. 7.5% are many other metals that add to its strength and make it concrete. 


Sterling silver is more of an ornament piece being sold by the jewelers. Sterling silver rings, earrings, and necklaces are commonly found.

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Advantages of sterling silver


Sterling silver has various features that will shock you because of its versatility. Take a review of them. 

  • Ligero


Whatever other metal, whether steel or iron, they all are heavyweight. But 925 sterling silver is a clear victor here! It has a compact design and lightweight metal. 


It saves you bucks because of less money and helps develop the rings that do not pressure your muscles when wearing. 

  • Great looks

In terms of looks, sterling silver is matchless. No one comes near to its glamorous look. That is the reason behind its use in jewelry sets. 


If you plan to buy a necklace and manufacture something stunning, don’t overlook the silver. Use it in your products and make them look excellent and efficient. 

  • Easy to shape

Thinking about the low strength of the silver, it looks like a disadvantage, right? That is true, but it will not be when you will know about the malleable features of silver. 


You can easily convert it into any structure and input creative designs. It saves time and gives a better appearance to the overall material. Moreover, sterling silver becomes unified with various styles of rings and necklaces. 


  • Valuable

Silver has a history of centuries. Don’t think it is a new player that will get eliminated by gold or diamond. Even the silver coins have been traded. Such a value makes it an all-time favorite for antique collectors. 


Sterling silver does not lose much worth after use. Unlike steel, it is challenging to create such an impression. With this metal, you feel safer and more accessible to sell. 


Difference between stainless steel and sterling silver! 

Don’t confuse stainless steel with sterling silver. Both are different materials and share different properties. Here is a quick review of the differentiating features. 


  • Resistencia a la corrosión

Soaking in water and exposure to air causes rusting of the metals. This phenomenon is distressing when your sterling silver rings get damaged due to corrosion. 


Sterling silver earrings are prone to corrosion. That is because the silver metal itself is not corrosion-resistant. 


Compared to it, 316 stainless steel turns out to be the winner. Antioxidant alloy with a combination of iron, chromium, and other metals gives resistance to corrosion. 

  • Fortaleza

Just think about a steel rod and compare it with a silver rod. What do you say about strength after applying pressure? Let’s disclose it! 


Sterling silver is not a very robust metal. Silver earrings easily deform after the application of force. 


In the case of 304 stainless steel, you’ll get rock-solid strength. It is super challenging to deform until you apply a high force to deform. Still, it tries to maintain its shape! 


  • Magnetic Features


In stainless steel or sterling silver, magnetic properties are different in both. 


925 sterling silver does not show magnetic properties. Don’t expect the magnets to bring near to it and get the dancing motion under magnet influence. 


Want to dance from your rings? Then, stainless steel is your dedicated partner due to the iron content that has a high magnetic feature. 


  • Costs


Hands down for the costs. People change decisions when they know about a better yet affordable metal for their products. Here is our take on stainless steel or sterling silver. 


Sterling silver is a pretty expensive metal. Do you know why? Because of its high demands and rarity. It is a rare metal and hard to develop synthetically. 


On the other hand, stainless steel is available at the next store. Plenty of opportunities. Easy to manufacture. And there are hundreds of suppliers offering the facilities to manufacture the material. High supply reduces the overall costs, leading to lower stainless steel costs. 


  • Maintenance 


Guess the maintenance? A sterling silver ring or stainless steel ring? Let’s find it out


Sterling silver is a more precious metal and needs more attention to maintain. Since it is inclined to corrosion, you have to pay attention to care to avoid any sudden damage to the metal due to corrosion. 


In contrast, stainless steel is a more durable and practical metal. There is no need to give time and manage it every single day. It is safe from corrosion and has enough strength to withstand pressure damage. So, you are out of tension for everyday maintenance headaches. 


  • External looks 


External looks will fail all your guesses. Why? Because it is difficult to spot the difference between stainless steel and sterling silver. An ordinary user won’t find it easily. 


Sterling silver has a heart-melting look. External Lush directly hits the heart and brings the love out of its ventricles. That is an even bigger reason for more use of sterling silver in the jewelry. 


Stainless steel looks like silver in an external appearance. The same sheen is available, but a closer glimpse shows whether it is stainless steel or sterling silver. You can replace the silver with steel. 


Which is better? 


FeaturesPlata esterlinaAcero inoxidableWinner
Resistencia a la corrosiónNot very resistant to corrosionBuena resistencia a la corrosiónAcero inoxidable
Fortalezabuena fuerzaHigh-level strengthAcero inoxidable
Magnetic featuresNo magnetic featuresGood magnetic attractionAcero inoxidable
PrecioHigher costsCheaper optionAcero inoxidable
MaintenanceMore maintenance requiredLess maintenance is requiredAcero inoxidable
External LooksExtremely LushAesthetic LookPlata esterlina


A quick review of both materials for the different applications makes the stainless steel win the battle. But wait! If you are looking for stylish jewelry pieces, sterling silver is still a matchless choice. But stainless steel can be a good option nowadays because of its outstanding features. Consider all the factors and choose wisely. 



Most people are confused — stainless steel or sterling silver necklace? It is a personal choice, but you must get the right deal. Whatever you choose, make sure the supplier offers the best services. 


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