HXSCO metal Surface processing

Surface processing

The main products include HL/2B/NO.3/NO.4/NO.5/Back pass/SB/Dupula, NO.8/Mirror, also provide customized polishing services.

HXSCO metal Decoiling


Stainless steel decoiling refers to flattening stainless steel rolls made from factory-made coils to make them more convenient to use. This process is usually carried out on professional stainless steel decoiling equipment. Through steps such as flattening and straightening, the surface of the stainless steel coil is made flatter while improving its strength and toughness.

HXSCO metal Milling


Edge grinding and edge trimming are important steps in metal processing. Sharp edges are eliminated by edge grinding and metal sheets are cut into the desired shape by edge trimming. These two steps can improve the safety, appearance and service life of the product.

HXSCO metal stock

Fast shipping from stock

150,000 tons of spot inventory, can be shipped quickly within 15 days!

HXSCO metal Customized Packaging

Customized packaging

We provide professional packaging services such as wooden pallets, iron frames, and wooden strips, as well as customized packaging to ensure the safety of goods during sea transportation. The containers contain calcium chloride desiccant and waterproof marks.

24 hours

24-hour online manual service

Huaxiao Metal aims to provide customers with timely, accurate and professional help and support with an all-weather, uninterrupted service approach. This service is provided by a professional customer service team.