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Aluminum is one of the best deals of the century. Its excellent features make it suitable for tons of home applications. From creating a door to aluminum windows, it has covered many of our products. Not every time you get 100% pure aluminum products. Instead, it contains alloys, which are combinations of aluminum metals with one another. Recently, two types of aluminum alloys have been discussed in many areas. Aluminum 6061 vs 6063; both alloys procure excellent features for industrial and home applications. We will compare them in detail and help you understand which is better for your applications.


What is Aluminum Alloy 6061?

What is Aluminum Alloy 6061

6061 is one of the most versatile and excellent aluminum alloys with various unique features. The combination of aluminum with magnesium and silicon bestows this alloy 6061. The addition of magnesium takes its strength to the next level, while the silicon gives it a reduced melting point.


What is the quantity of both elements? Usually, aluminum alloy 6061 contains:

  • 0.08-0.12% Magnesium 
  • 0.04-0.08% silicon 


Increased corrosion resistance and durability are due to the alloy’s built-in strength and combination of different metals. The price of 6061 is affordable compared to many other alloys of similar varieties.


Applications of Aluminum Alloy 6061


Aluminum alloy 6061 is suitable for all the structural applications. Do you know why? Because it has the ultimate strength to sustain a higher force and provides better support to all the structural applications.


Here are a few applications.


  • Shipbuilding

Shipbuilding needs construction with robust materials. The ship’s mooring and anchoring put high pressure on it. Only a high tensile strength of 6061 alloys can keep the damage away.  The shipbuilding comprises many ship materials, such as marine fittings, yachts, and boats.


  • Automotive 

The automotive industry has a crystal clear goal of unbreakable parts that provide the necessary strength to the material. Aluminum 6061 is far better than the 6063 because of its high strength for all automotive applications. Common manufacturing parts include trucks, buses, and other automotive product bodies and wheel construction.


  • Aérospatiale 

Aircraft structures and fittings need a high strength. What else can be suitable other than aluminum 6061? It bestows both strength and excellent durability.


  • Rail

Railway car components also comprise the 6061 alloys. It offers excellent durability and better strength. The external and internal glamor makes it a preferable choice.


  • Home and business 

Homes and businesses have been deploying aluminum for so long. Some furniture products have a plank of wood with metallic supports. Aluminum turns out to be a top metal in such a case.


What is Aluminum Alloy 6063?

What is Aluminum Alloy 6063

Aluminum alloy 6063 is another renowned name in the metal industry. Do you know why? Because it is part of the architectural industry that provides glossy surfaces and excellent sheen to the windows or whatever products you use.


This alloy also comprises the same elements— magnesium and silicon. However, the proportion of both materials can be high. For example, magnesium is around 0.45-0.9%, while silicon is 0.2-0.6%.


With a range of applications, you can explore different uses of this alloy. 


Applications of Aluminum Alloy 6063


Alloy 6063 is also famous for its architectural applications. The external lushness and excellent conductivity make it suitable for durability and aesthetic look.


We have listed some of the top features of this aluminum alloy.


  • Architectural

Let’s rely on the structural support of the different materials. Frames to brackets alloy 6063 can manufacture all the components. Even if you want to create new structural supports for your outdoor applications, this is the alloy you should keep your hands on.


  • Automotive

Earlier, you learned about automotive applications requiring hardness and strength. Now, alloy 6063 can provide the framework for trucks and trailers. It nurtures good corrosion resistance and keeps the beauty on top. Plus, you can run your vehicles for so long.


  • Home Decor

Home decor solutions are famous among beauty lovers. For example, you want a recliner sofa. Deploy some good quality furniture of aluminum 6063. You’ll get quality construction, better home decoration, and good quality construction at such a point.


  • Autres applications 

Aluminum 6063 isn’t restricted to these applications only. Instead, there are many others. Here is a complete list of plumbing materials and home applications for which aluminum is a top choice.

  • Pipes
  • Tubes
  • Stair rails
  • Window frames
  • Door frames
  • Roofs
  • Signage

Use the aluminum in all the applications and get the best out of your materials. Ensure one thing— quality aluminum!


Aluminum Alloy 6061 Vs. 6063

Aluminum Alloy 6061 Vs. 6063

Aluminum alloy 6061 shares many features with 6063 because of the same composing elements. Different proportions of alloy metals differentiate both in slight variations.


Let’s have a detailed talk about the differences between 6061 and 6063!


FonctionnalitéAluminium 6061Aluminium 6063
Résistance à la traction241 MPa and 310 Mpa186 MPa and 290 MPa
Résistance à la corrosionGood corrosion resistance.Very good corrosion resistance
WorkabilityGood for extrusions.Excellent for extrusion projects
SurfaceGood surface finishVery good surface finish
Electrical Resistance0.0365 to 0.043 Ω·mm2/m.0.035 Ω·mm2/m.
Thermal Resistance154 to 180 Wm-1K-1.200 to 209 Wm-1K-1.


  • Résistance à la traction 


Tensile strength refers to the power to resist the force. A highly powerful or robust material can bear heavy blows without deforming shape. The purpose of the alloy is to provide strength. For example, magnesium contributes to excellent stability.


Alloy 6061 has a high tensile strength compared to the 6063. The average resistance range is 241 MPa and 310 MPa, but they depend on the temperature treatment. If you increase the temperature, the tensile strength decreases because of reduced metallic bonds.


Compared to it, alloy 6063 has a moderate tensile strength. It can bear up a tensile force of 186 MPa and 290 MPa. The temperature impact is the same on this alloy.


  • Résistance à la corrosion


Whenever the oxidation occurs, a layer of rust sticks to the surface. It quickly deteriorates the metal condition and decreases its durability. Moreover, it affects the external glow of the material as well. Therefore, corrosion resistance is quite influential for every metal.


Aluminum alloy 6061 has quite good corrosion resistance. The addition of magnesium protects it from oxidation and keeps it alive for outdoor applications.


Aluminum 6063 has good to excellent corrosion resistance. That means you can deploy it for outdoor applications better than the 6061. 


  • Workability 


Metal shaping, working, and designing for different layouts are pretty necessary. For example, architectural applications need excellent materials for aesthetic touch.


Aluminum 6061 is impressive at workability, weldability, traceability, and machinability. It is also suitable for CNC projects.


Aluminum 6063 has comparable performance in terms of workability, weldability, and traceability. It has fair effectiveness for machinability. For extrusion projects, it can be a blessing for the users.


  • Finition de la surface


Outdoor uses of a metal need its excellent finish. Everyone wants an aesthetically pleasing scenery for its landscape out of the aluminum windows. So, the surface finish is quite impactful at such points.


Aluminum 6061 has a good finish. But it is better than the 6063. The external surface gives a glow, making it suitable for aesthetic applications.


Aluminum 6063 is the game-changer because of its excellent glow and anodizing features. Transform it into different shapes and colors. Try whatever colors you want and get the ultimate glamor you expect!


  • Electrical Properties 


You can explore three main things in electrical circuits: current, voltage, and resistance. Resistance restricts the flow of current and decides the conductance of a metal. Let’s compare the conductance of both alloys.


Aluminum 6061 is a good conductor of electricity. It offers a resistance of 0.0365 to 0.043 ohm to the current. However, this resistance is more than the 6063.


Aluminum 6063 offers even a lower resistance to the electricity. This makes it an excellent choice for electrical conduction. 0.035 ohm is the resistance that is less compared to 6061.


  • Thermal properties


Thermal conductivity is another crucial phenomenon for users looking for outdoor uses.


The thermal conductivity of alloy 6063 is high compared to 6061. It has a thermal conductivity of 200-209 Wm-1K-1. On the other hand, the thermal conductivity of alloy 6061 is 154-180 Wm-1K-1.


Which one should you choose: Aluminum 6061 vs 6063?


It is a tricky question to ask. You can’t decide based on one or two factors. Moreover, it is an ever-changing industry with varying degrees of applications. The slight difference in the features makes the choice difficult.


Here are a few things to consider before choosing your ultimate metal.

  • What is your goal? See the different features and decide on that.
  • Know the various architectural and structural applications. It will be easier and better to decide about them.


Both alloys are good thermal and electrical conductors. Even the properties are almost the same. Whenever choosing the right one, keep an eye on the applications and tensile strength. A more rigid material is suitable for structural applications, while a less stiff material can result in aesthetic material with good strength.




Whatever Aluminum alloy you choose, one thing must be in mind— quality stuff! You can grab the long-term perks of aluminum only with quality aluminum.


But there is one primary question: do you have quality suppliers?


If not, don’t worry; we have already done the job for you. HXSCO is one of the top aluminum suppliers with a diversity of products. Grab different alloys, fil d'aluminium, rodou bobine at affordable prices. Extend aluminum applications with its uses!


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