2024 Tesla Cyber Truck - 30X Acier inoxydable laminé à froid


Whether you are a tech obsessive or a vehicle enthusiast, one thing is in common: You have heard of the Tesla Cybertruck

At least you have seen hundreds of rumored pictures wandering around the internet. It all started in 2019 when Elon Musk promised to create a futuristic vehicle. A vehicle with alien-like performance and rock-solid steel strength. — Total rebellion in the heavy vehicle industry. 

So much hype is all thanks to the robust build with 30X Cold Rolled Stainless steel. Perfect vehicle for all truck lovers! 

Do you want to know whether it is worth the hype? Great! We’ll bring out the Tesla Cybertruck, its pros, build, design, and pricing. 

Tesla Cybertruck

Three Variants Of Tesla Cybertruck

Tesla has announced three variants of its cyber truck. —single, dual, and triple motor. 

First, break it down! 

1. Single Motor Cyber Truck

This cyber truck version has a single motor to operate the vehicle. But it comes up with a couple of impressive features: 

  • It has a battery capacity of 120 kWh; white is relatively high. 
  • Complete charging takes around 28 minutes
  • One charge can drive the truck up to 250 miles
  • It has a horsepower of 805 horsepower

Single moto cyber truck can reach a maximum speed of 110mph. In 6.5 seconds, it can get a speed of 60mph

2. Dual Motor Cyber Truck

The dual-motor cyber truck is a slightly upgraded version with multiple features. But it is better than the single-motor cyber truck. 

For instance, it can reach a speed of 60 mph within 4.5 seconds compared to 6.5 seconds. The top speed is 120 mph compared to the 110 mph of its sibling. 

The range per mile is quite good. You can drive it up to 300 miles on a single charge

3. Triple Motor Cyber Truck

If you still want a better version of the cyber truck, turn heads to the triple motor cyber truck. 

It has multiple features that are pretty advanced. Support the drivers. And give an upper edge over the other two variants. 

With a top speed of 130 mph, it is better than both variants. One more amazing fact! The cyber truck can reach 60 mph within 2.9 seconds. It is pretty marvelous compared to other variants. 

Plus, you get a massive driving distance on a single charge. It is 500 mph

Tesla Cyber Truck Pros

Tesla’s cyber truck has marvelous features, adding up its advantages. 

  • Il dispose d'un premium safety mechanism for the users. Air suspension, automated speed control, and obstacle detection features facilitate better safety. 
  • Users get easy access to music. If you are a keen music lover, Tesla Cyber Truck is your partner. You get excellent satellite radio or Apple Music support. 
  • You get a lot of better and more Advanced technology features

A Look At Interior Design

How is the interior? That is quite a crucial question when you are calculating the worth of the cyber truck. Deciding whether it should be your choice. And determining why you should even think about it. 

Internally, the cyber truck is breathtaking — Ample room in the cabin. The dashboard is innovative, allowing you to grip navigation, entertainment, and climate control. 

This time, Tesla has removed the traditional instrument clusters. And provided the users with its most innovative technology — HUD(Head-up display). 

Move your head to the windshield, and you’ll get the complete details: 

  • Speed
  • Range
  • Navigation
  • Direction

No more hassle to lose your focus while controlling all these features. The driver can concentrate on driving while changing all the aspects instantly. 

Do you want to know the best feature till now? It is the floating center console. It has multiple components where you can store your everyday tools. Place your cups safely. And enjoy it even when you are out on the drive. A large cargo bed makes enough space for your equipment storage. 

Overall, the interior is quite unforgettable! You’ll love it. 

A Look At Exterior Design

Don’t think of a Tesla cyber truck as an ordinary pickup truck roaming on the roads. It is remarkable not only interiorly but also exteriorly. 

The external futuristic design makes it exceptional. No more useless and straightforward structures. Catchy exterior that goes eyes on the eyes! 

The key features include: 

  • Ultra Hard 30X cold-rolled stainless steel. Tesla claims to be a robust material. It is even better than traditional metals like Aluminum and Steel. 
  • Tesla armor glass. Armor glass has an extraordinary construction. There are no risks of scratch marks or breakage in slight accidents. 
  • Trapezoidal windshield. It extends from the vertex down to the bumper—a distinct shape. 
  • Wedge-shaped side profile. It makes the overall look unique and different from other types of trucks. 

Safety Features

Safety Features

Safety is an enormous concern for most consumers. And it is a pretty legitimate demand, too. If you are investing 60K USD, your truck must be the safest one. 

Here is the overview of features Tesla has added to make it a safer vehicle. 

  • Power Door Locks are an extra layer of security to the locking and unlocking system of the door. Do it with a push of a button. That’s all! 
  • Stability control. This control is more focused on the equilibrium of the vehicle. Whenever there is a slippery surface or even a place, it stabilizes the vehicles and avoids severe damage. 
  • Traction control. Don’t worry about the wheel spinning. Traction control gets it under hold by implementing the necessary measures. 
  • Rear seat belts. The passengers can be safe with the seat belts. 
  • Seat Belt Warning System. If passengers haven’t yet fastened their seat belts, it leaves a warning. Therefore, minimal risks of damage to humans during accidents are there. 
  • Crash Sensor. A crash sensor is a unique tool to detect accidents and truck crashes. In emergency cases, it leaves a message on emergency contacts. And helps get immediate aid. 
  • Rear Parking Aid. It helps in safer parking by avoiding obstacles. And implements parking maneuvers. 
  • A blind spot monitor. With this feature, drivers can be more conscious of upcoming hurdles. If there is any obstacle in the blind spot, it alerts the driver. 
  • Lane-keeping assist. You can better stabilize your vehicle and keep it in line with this feature. 

Technology Features

Tesla has deployed the advanced technology just to give next-level experience to their users. Premium tech features are: 

  • Climate control. This feature allows to set up an internal temperature of the cyber truck. And tailor it according to your needs. 
  • Steering wheel audio controls. No need to take your hands out of the steering just to change the music. This feature goes the extra mile to let you enjoy music while driving. 
  • Heated Seats. If winter is around, Tesla has added a welcome bonus. Front and rear heated seats keep the driver and passenger relatively safe and warm. 
  • Adaptive cruise control. When driving on the highway, you can turn the adaptive cruise control on. It will detect all the traffic around your cyber truck. And adjust the speed to keep enough distance from other vehicles. It offers a seamless experience while driving your cyber truck. 
  • Power mirrors. This time, you get electronically adjusted mirrors. Set up your mirrors without any trouble. 
  • Keyless Start. No more hassles for carrying the keys or even fear of losing them. Tesla offers locking and unlocking with a smartphone app. You enjoy the top-level experience. 

Entertainment and Connectivity

Don’t think Tesla isn’t trying for you to get the finest experience. It provides the users with a bumper pack of entertainment and connectivity features. 

  • Eight speakers. Amplifying the sound quality and listening to your favorite music is now super cool. 
  • Apple CarPlay. If you want to connect your Apple devices, Tesla lets it be. Apple car play boosts your entertainment compassion. 
  • Satellite radio with WiFi and Hotspot. Satellite-connected radios offer a wide range of channels. Plus, you can connect your Wi-Fi and Hotspot to enhance your music range further. 
  • 17-inch display screen. You can better keep an eye on navigation and vehicle location. 

You get multiple other features in the connectivity option. These include: 

  • Bluetooth Support
  • USB charger
  • MP3 players. 
  • HD radio support
  • Support for Android Auto

Release Date

Tesla has postponed the Cyber Truck release. However, it is expected to launch in late 2023 and early 2024. Yet there are no official date confirmations from Tesla. 

You need to stay tuned with all ears to know the exact launch date. 

Tesla Cybertruck price

You might not find the actual Tesla Cybertruck price. There are rumored prices. Take a look. 

  • The single-motor cyber truck price is up to 60,000 USD
  • Dual motor cybertruck price up to 70,000 USD
  • Triple motor cybertruck price up to 80,000 USD

The overall costs depend on horsepower, mileage, and relevant features. The actual prices will come out once Tesla launches the 2024 cyber truck with its variants. 

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Why has Tesla Counted on Ultra Hard 30x Cold Rolled Stainless Steel? 

30x Cold Rolled Stainless Steel

There are tons of reasons for grabbing the attention of Tesla toward the Ultra hard 30x Cold Rolled Stainless steel. Its durability, strength, safety, and, above all, a unique and impressive design. 

Here is a breakdown of some pros of using Ultra Hard 30x cold rolled stainless steel metal sheet. 

  • Durabilité

No questions on the strength of the stainless metal sheet. It is a robust metal with a pretty high resistance to corrosion, rust, and impact. Based on the Tesla Cybertruck, it is pretty compatible and rugged. 

  • Safety

Not only the durability and robust nature but also hidden safety features are there. For example, the driver does not get impacted by the accident due to the high strength of the stainless steel plate. It fights impact forces quite efficiently. 

  • Durabilité

Stainless steel plate is also famous just for its recycling nature. That reduces environmental pollution and keeps consumer confidence high with sustainable solutions. 

  • Léger

30x Steel is lightweight compared to traditional steel. That means it will reduce the overall weight of the Tesla Cyber Truck. 

  • Futuristic Design

There has been a more significant role of ultra-hard 30x cold-rolled stainless steel in shaping and creating innovative designs. All credits go to 30x steel for such a unique and extraordinary design.


Bow down to 30X Cold-Rolled Stainless Steel! It is a pretty resilient feature of the cyber truck, ensuring a long life. 

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